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Barnes Suction Tubes Cottle Nasal Specula
Barnes Suction Tubes - mytaMed, inc. Cottle Nasal Specula - mytaMed, inc.

Curved Sinus Suctions Curved Sinus Suctions, Olive-Tip
Curved Sinus Suctions - mytaMed, inc. Curved Sinus Suction, Olive-Tip - mytaMed, inc.

Frazier-Ferguson Suction Tubes Freer Elevators
Frazier-Ferguson Suction Tubes - mytaMed, inc. Freer Elevators - mytaMed, inc.

Hartmann Nasal Dressing Forceps Hartmann Nasal Specula
Hartmann Nasal Dressing Forceps - mytaMed, inc. Hartmann Nasal Specula - mytaMed, inc.
Hartmann-Halle Nasal Specula Jansen Bayonet Dressing Forceps
Hartmann-Halle Nasal Specula - mytaMed, inc. Jansen Bayonet Dressing Forceps - mytaMed, inc.
Killian Nasal Specula Krause Snares, Ear and Nasal
Killian Nasal Specula - mytaMed, inc. Krause Snares, Ear and Nasal - mytaMed, inc.
Ostium Seeker Takahashi Nasal Forceps
Ostium Seeker - mytaMed, inc. Takahashi Nasal Forceps - mytaMed, inc.
This ostium seeker is made of german stainless steel. It is an essential tool for all ENT offices
Thru-Cut Sinus Forceps Tieck-Halle Nasal Specula
Thru-Cut Sinus Forceps - mytaMed, inc. Tieck-Halle Nasal Specula - mytaMed, inc.
Vienna Nasal Specula Weil-Blakesley Forceps
Vienna Nasal Specula - mytaMed, inc. Weil-Blakesley Forceps - mytaMed, inc.